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Joy in finding the other side of the coin

As they say, there are two sides to every coin. Sea waves is that other side of ours.

Yes we live away from our friends and family. Yes, we often miss occasions at home and our children think of us as occasional visitors to bring them gifts.  Everything about a family-life which so normal for a person on land is a fantasy for us. Yes, we head out into the uncertainty of nature often not knowing when or whether at all we shall return. Yes, we have seen the fury of nature at its worst, and we have been though storms with nothing around us for thousands of miles.

But there is that other side.

For a person who loves the beauty of nature, there is no job better than ours. You may have millions of dollars in the bank, but you will never see what we see unless you are a seafarer. Sea waves is my page dedicated to show the beauty of Sealife.

Our experiences and ups and downs of life echoes in the vastness of nature and falls in rhythm with the waves of the sea.


Each and everyone of these photographs are taken by me, mostly on my Nikon DSLR Camera, which still remains faithful after years.

Here are glimpses from around the world, and jewels from my Sea-life.

Bermuda triangle 2

This one was taken in one of the most mysterious places in the world – The Bermuda Triangle. Although associated with sinister connotations such as Ships and Aeroplanes disappearing, it still remains a busy shipping route, unavoidable for ships entering the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of my prized Photos because of the eeriness associated with it, and had to be the first entry in Sea waves.


The amazing Isle of Skye, North Western Scotland. It is a rare experience to be here. The island wakes up to a beautiful view of the Inner Hebrides to its South and is connected by a thin strip of land to the Scottish Mainland. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

St Lucia - Lesser Antilles

St.Lucia is a Small quaint island in the Lesser Antilles., bordering between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Weather is exquisite and the island is dreamy and ideal for nature lovers.


The Rotterdam Harbour was the largest and busiest harbour in the world till a few years back, when it was overtaken by Shanghai Harbour in China. It is still the largest in Europe. This is a glimpse of a morning in Rotterdam, against Oil tankers which are in the process of discharging their cargoes.


The North Sea, which is North of the Dover strait, borders the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It is often extremely rough and waves of forty to fifty feet are just normal. This is one of the quieter days.

Zero degree Meridian

There is something interesting about this picture. This was taken as we were passing the Greenwich Meridian, which is the Zero Degree meridian for the measurement of Longitude. You are at precisely Zero degrees when you are here. Perks of  Sealife Experiences.

Rain on one side 2

We often find a patch of low dark Nimbus clouds causing Rain showers at a distance. It is one of the most magnificent sights to see. We have the option to divert into the rain and get drenched.




This is a Sunrise at Pascagoula, a small town in the Southern part of USA. The colours spreading over the horizon made it look like the sky was on fire.

Talshari, Orissa

A peaceful beach in Western India, in a province called Orissa.

The Sea waves that hit the beach reflects the peaceful morning sun.

Sabine Pass entrance

Entrance to the Sabine Pass, Southern USA. The houses along the coastline look like dream-abodes. However, this part of the country is heavily affected by Hurricanes and these houses actually pay a fortune as their insurance premium!!!


Sunrise seen over the hills of Pajaritos, Western Mexico. This one was taken from my ship, which was berthed at the foothills, with towering peaks all-round us.


Moonrise. One of the most magnificent sights you can see out at sea. In a pitch dark night on a calm sea… when the moon rises, it lights up the entire horizon and illuminates the night like a lamp. This one was taken somewhere in the Western Atlantic Ocean.

Port Arthur Texas, USA

The menacing Look of the sky. Scattered Nimbus and Cumulus clouds. This one was taken off Port Arthur, Texas.


The Amazing Caribbean!! A white sand beach in Nassau, Bahamas. The weather here is to die for.

Aden, Yemen

The city of Aden, Yemen. This is one of the most dreadful areas to visit by sea, due to the infamous Gulf of Aden, infested by Pirates since 2009 who capture ships in search of Ransom. Remember the movie – Captain Phillips?


Navigating through the beautiful Green islands of Yosu, South Korea, entering port.


An evening walk by the Quay at Guayaquil, Equador, South America. Had an off chance of staying here for a couple of days before joining a vessel.


A Mini Twister near One Fathom Bank, Malacca strait, Off Singapore. Such Twisters form due to temperature differences between land and sea and die down soon fading out slowly. You can see the water churning at the point where it touches the surface.

A Really huge whale we spotted at Equador, South America, playing around our vessel, and the water sprout making her unmistakable to spot.

A view from atop the tallest building in the world: The Burj Khalifa, as in 2015. Soon enough there will be a higher structure somewhere!!

This was taken when I completed my contract and signed off. I had stayed in Dubai for a couple of days before heading back home.

Mauritius 2

Mauritius – one of the most beautiful beach Islands in the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar. We were on a voyage more than half way across the world from USA to India, when we were short of fuel. We had to stopover at Mauritius to re-fuel the ship. This one was taken from one end of the island.

Munnar, Kerala

An Indian village called Munnar – one of the most beautiful places I have been to. I had the opportunity to visit Munnar when I was leaving a ship in the South coast of India.

North Atlantic 4

It is immensely peaceful to watch the calm sea waves in the middle of the ocean. This one was taken in the North Atlantic Ocean, with nothing around for thousands of miles.


Once again, the mesmerizing beauty of the sea waves of the North Atlantic Ocean.