How to run an organization – Tip 2: Lead by example


The difference between a Boss and Leader

Do you believe you have the courage and ability to lead? The strategies which make up a good leader, can be derived from your attitude right now.

Management is doing the right things; Leadership is doing the Right things

                                                                                              Peter Drucker

There is no other way to lead than by example.
A culture of an organization must come from top down.

Lead by exampleAs a Boss running a workplace you receive two kinds of respect.

The first one is forced upon on your employees.

When people join an office or a workplace they cannot choose who their Boss will be. It is forced upon them. So if you are that boss or LEADER, trust me, people will respect you because they have to respect you. There is simply no other way. Even if they want they cannot deny that they are lower in the food chain than you are. And they cannot deny that they are ultimately responsible to you for whatever they are doing.



However, there is another kind of respect. This is the one you earn when you want to Lead. You can earn this respect at any stage, with anyone, whether he or she works for you or with you or not. You earn this respect simply by your attitude, skills and knowledge base. However, it becomes extremely important that you understand the importance of these two concepts as a senior.



If you want your people to follow your style, your culture, you need to practice them yourself first. It will make them feel that YOU too believe in it. If you do not want people to wear anything but black shoes to their office, stop wearing anything else yourself. If you want your staff to keep their tables organized, make sure your table does not have a whole lot of paraphernalia on it. People respect a Leader who believes in the principle he preaches.



When I am on a ship and I instruct my junior to wear hard hats on deck, the first thing he does is look at what I am wearing. He will listen to me no doubt, but it will not become his culture and norm if he feels that rules are different for the specially privileged category.



Also, if you reprimand someone for not being able to perform on his job, you better be sure you can correct him and show him the proper way. It does not make sense if you simply rebuke someone without knowing yourself what to do. It may not be your job, but it is your responsibility to correct someone who cannot perform adequately.



In other words, when time comes you need to be prepared to show everyone who is in charge. However, do not boast your knowledge. It is but natural that you will know better. That’s why you are getting paid more, right?

The respect that this attitude commands is inexplicable. That’s the trick to Lead effectively. It makes your subordinates want to be like you, and follow you anywhere.

You will become a Leader, not merely a Boss.

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