Quick Decisions and Instant Attention

Quick decisions and optimizing Brain performance

Everything that you have ever done or will ever do will start as a concept in your mind. From the formation of this concept, until efficient execution, often Impeccable Quick decisions are essential.

With this post, I am now to delving into a deeper chapter of decision making in professional life.

As the commander of a ship, I myself am in a profession where often there is a flood of information hitting me at a given moment. Decisions are taken in the matter of seconds, or faster.

If I did not know how to correctly prioritize them and deal with them, I would run the risk of ruining my career in a matter of minutes. I also run the risk of creating World News at the cost of a Major Marine disaster!

There are such days when the mind runs of overdrive. For those days, the mind must be trained to function at its optimum.

Whether it is the Ship’s Bridge or the Pilot’s Cockpit, whether it is the Solider’s Battlefield or the Doctor’s operation theater, Correct and Quick Decisions save the day, while a wrong decision can ruin everything.

Quick Decisions

Let us discuss some proven Mind-control techniques which will help you take Quick decisions in life.

Auto focusing and Real-time Prioritizing

A few days back I had written a guest Post called:

Autofocus Brain: 5 Tricks To Use Your Brain Like A Camera

for a website called Lifehack, which is the leading blog in the world in the genre of self-development.

There was also another guest post called:

The Priority Triangle, which was written for Time Management Ninja another awesome site targeted at an increase of productivity.

I am planning to summarize the concept I have discussed in the above posts today, and tell you how you can achieve the power to use your Brain like a super computer.

Instant attention

Imagine a Doctor operating on a patient who is fighting for his life.

His team of nurses and assistants are giving him all the inputs and his mind is assembling the information, making sense of it and taking instant decisions. In the guest blog Auto-Focus Brain, I give an example of how I myself handle such severely disordered information flow in my profession.

How does your brain function in a situation where speed is everything?

In a random string of inputs, only the relevant information needs to be filtered out in real time and only the issue at hand is to be dealt with in order of priority. Once one decision is resolved, the brain is immediately directed towards taking the next decision in line, again in order or priority.

In other words, just like an excellent computer, your brain deals with issues one after the other in quick succession without making mistakes and taking correct and quick decisions.

Quick decisions


What happens when a Computer is overloaded with things to do??

  1. The RAM fails to cope up – and the Computer hangs /freezes.

Our brain may freeze, or refuse to cope up, leading to Cognitive impairment, where everything will go blank. Your productivity will drop to zero in that one instant.

2. The CPU gets overheated:

We get worked up. Our mind gets disturbed, loses control and tries to cope up. How?

It uses anger and agitation. That only decreases our productivity. Anger is like a drug which, unless used correctly, temporarily makes you feel strong while it depletes you inside.

3. Excess pressure can disrupt the system protocol.

The brain concentrates on the wrong thing first and messes up the system. We Focus on the decision or job which is not the first priority at the moment, either because we don’t know how to prioritize, or there are such a lot of things to handle that we are just picking up whatever seems easy and at hand, not what is required.

4. It makes an error in calculation

We take wrong decisions.

Anger, Agitation, Mind-blocks, Wrong decisions are nothing but an indication of the fact that our brain is not being able to cope up with the situation.

Let us now see how we could train our brain to focus instantly on something.

What I am saying is not theory. Many people including me have used these techniques to succeed in developing a brain which can work like a kick-ass Computer – one which will not hang, heat up or miscalculate.

Trail of thoughts: Biggest Enemy of Quick Decisions

Confused in Quick DecisionsA thought in your mind, even when resolved, usually leaves a trail.

It does not disappear immediately. The remnants of your previous thoughts affect your attention, preventing you from taking quick decisions on the job at hand.

That could be very costly.

Under tensed situations, your every thought has to be anchored in the present, or you pay with your life.

That needs training.

1st Step: Prioritize.

Methods of prioritizing the decisions were discussed in the article Priority Triangle, which was mentioned above. It depends on the balance of three factors, which are explained in the post.  

Download the Priority triangle Graph to understand the mechanism behind prioritizing our thoughts. Click Here to download.

Step2 : Focus with Rapt attention and learn how to shift that focus.

Once the priority is set, there are ways to train the brain to take quick decisions by concentrating on one given idea at the moment instead of loitering around the past decisions. You need to let go.

Five methods of Training your brain to do that were discussed in my Article on Auto Focus Brain on Lifehack.org. They include the Facebook Option, Browsers option, Breathing technique, Fixed Point Method and the Attention techniques.

Here are some more such methods. Just like the lens of an Auto-Focus Camera, your brain can be Trained to focus on the matter at hand in mere milliseconds.

These techniques can be priceless. The natural ability to take quick decisions can make you a Winner in any sphere.

Be that wizard!!!

Quick Decisions

Use your Books (5 minutes)

Pick up 5 Books that interest you. Magazines will also do.

They may be fictional or any other. The greater the variation in topics, the better.

Now start reading an article or a chapter from any of the books. Just go at your natural speed. At the end of a minute, which can be timed using a watch or a mobile phone, pick up the next book.

Your last topic was unfinished. Your mind will hover on it. Bring the attention down to the book in your hand consciously. The rapid shift of attention will eventually train your mind to shift focus fast.

Attend to your senses.

Very few of us pay attention to our senses.

To enjoy the world around we need to focus on our senses, and in turn, this also enhances our mental capabilities.

When you sit for dinner today, close your eyes for a while.

Feel the taste of that morsel. As you churn the food in your mouth taste it closely. Really enjoy it!!

As you tear that loaf of bread, feel it’s touch on your fingers and as it comes closer to your mouth, feel the bite on your teeth. Smell your food. In fact, whenever you can, pay attention to your senses.

Put your headphones on. Relax your body and mind. Play that tune you love and really listen to it! Listen to the way the music turns and twists and makes you feel out of the world !!! Get engulfed by it.

Let there be nothing between you and the sound of your song for a few minutes.

Do this every day for a while. Feel the sense of touch when your spouse touches you, listen to what is around, even those hidden sounds we don’t need to hear. If you can do this, the capacity of your brain will expand. It will find a way to concentrate when it needs to. But the biggest benefit is that you will enjoy the world immensely. That, in turn, will help you stay calm.

When the time comes you will be able to take quick and accurate decisions in no time.

Conscious effort to train your brain

Only a cool brain can take quick and correct decisions.

Meditate for 5 minutes a day. It is really simple. Sit, relax and pay attention to your breathing. You will slowly go deep inside yourself. If you need, give yourself a countdown from 5 to one, each time going deeper and more relaxed.

At the end of 5 minutes if you can, and if you want, continue. Otherwise wake up and slowly, open your eyes to return to the world. 5 such minutes of meditation can immensely expand the capabilities of taking quick decisions.

Imagine the scenario

This is a killer hack!! If you can do this, it will never fail you!

Once again, I am telling you this from my own experience.

Before every major event in my life, I have always done this and it works every time.

What I do is that I close my eyes, relax my body and relax my mind. Once again, taking deep breaths and paying attention to your breathing really helps. In addition a back count from five to one, and telling yourself that every number is making you more and more relaxed – helps.

When I am totally relaxed, I imagine the scenario. I see myself in the situation for which I am preparing.

I imagine the series of events and I see myself there – calm and composed, relaxed at all times, taking impeccable decisions in no time. I see myself as a winner, smiling my way through the events that are happening, shaking hands after a successful completion of the event. It’s actually slightly more than imagination, I feel and sense the room and the feeling of success.

This technique has helped me give excellent speeches in big serious boardrooms, perform at my optimum in taking the eight largest ship in the world through narrow rivers where a split-second can lead to a disaster, perform with my band on stage before a rowdy audience, Meet people who are in much higher positions in life and make them remember me, Pull off some of the toughest inspections in our profession with record results, just to name a few.  

I just imagine things to go well, and it does. It’s really that simple!!!

Several athletes and performers around the world are trained in this way by their mentors to imagine their performance vividly before performing.

Use the above techniques and no one can beat you in taking decisions.

In a further continuation of this topic I shall discuss the ability to take decisions without thinking – using your reflex actions. Stay on.

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