The Correct use of Anger: Part 2

Use of anger

  My earlier post focussed on one of the ways use of Anger can help you in your workplace, if you learn to control it. This is a different life-hack. In this post I wish to explain that if you know the correct use of anger even not controlling it […]

Upside to a Bad memory

Professional Success

If you think being able to remember everything is a corner stone to winning in life, I am here to prove you wrong!! There is a beautiful upside of having a really bad memory. Let me explain. Benefits of a bad memory I have a Bad memory. I […]

The Correct use of Anger: Part 1

Upside of Anger

I wish to break a rule here.  Anger can be very productive!! Let me tell you how!! Well, it’s not rocket science. Unless you run a barn, you have to push people at times and encourage people to do their jobs. That’s the part which […]

Handling Arguments

How to handle Arguments In this blog we shall take a look at how to create a strategy to effectively make the best out of arguments which you are sometimes forced into. Now here’s the thing about arguments. It does not matter whether you win or you lose, […]

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management and Effective Risk taking  This blog will explain to you the most effective way of Risk Management. How the best managers in the world take risks and the principles they use to overcome the challenges of their decisions. The biggest risk is not taking any risk… […]

Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship

Will your Long Distance Relationship stand the test of time? To a kingdom far far away………         The sharply dressed guy turned back to see his girl one last time before leaving the country. It was a tough commitment. Once he walked through that boarding […]

The Angry Professional email

Professional email

If you are about to write about your grievances on e-mail – read on…… Psychology behind a Professional E-mail when you are angry I intend to keep this blog very niche narrow. What I will talk about is, specifically – The way to compose a Professional email which cannot […]

Delegation: The Eight step path


As a continuation of it’s predecessor , here I shall explain the correct way of delegation of responsibility in your workplace. This is a very effective strategy which helps make your team effective and self sufficient. Lets find a fool proof method of correct delegation, which will work under any […]

How to run an organization: Tip 3: Delegate


Delegation: The Correct style of how to delegate In this blog I shall explain the correct way of delegation of responsibility in your workplace. I want to show you a workable way of delegation and empowerment which has been devised after years of research and makes your team so […]

First Impression : A second chance

First impression

The Second chance to create a first impression If you are in for a big leap in life, you are in the right place!! Life often gives you just one chance, and at times, a killer first impression is all you need to win the situation, whether in your […]

Handling Relationships with a career: The third space

Love relationships

The beauty of the third space: Relationships against career Gary D.Chapman, in his New York Times Best-seller: The 5 Love languages depicts some of the most wonderful ways to live a fulfilling life by understanding your partner. It’s one of the best pieces of literature written on […]

How to run an organization – Tip 2: Lead by example


The difference between a Boss and Leader Do you believe you have the courage and ability to lead? The strategies which make up a good leader, can be derived from your attitude right now. Management is doing the right things; Leadership is doing the Right things […]

How to run an organization-Tip 1: Spirit


The Spirit of an organization An effective organization runs on the spirit and mood which has been set. Here are a few tips on how to set up team spirit so as to encourage and optimize the performance of your team. And it is you, spirit–with will […]

The Vision of this Blog : What is this Blog all about??


What this blog is all about – The vision A few years back, my senior, who was an extremely competent and knowledgeable professional, asked me a question : “Don’t you feel the pressure?” As a professional I am into a very specific field of expertise. […]

The upside of Failure


Failure is a beautiful thing. How Failure can transform a man is one of the rarest wonders of our Human race.   Karoly Takacs was a soldier in the Hungarian army in 1936. He aspired to excel in pistol shooting. Over years of dedication of […]

You are a Leader: The ABCs of Leadership


The Leadership Principle I am not afraid of an Army of Lions led by a sheep, I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a Lion…………… Alexander the Great. Who is a leader ? If what they say is true, the purpose of every […]