Transition to a next rank: 5 Commandments of Promotion and Responsibility

Success through a Bad memory

A dynamic Responsibility shift : Five Commandments

A new Responsibility comes with every new promotion. In this blog I wish to focus on 5 specific things which every person in a new job or due for a promotion must keep in mind before he is ready to step into his new shoes.

Quoting from the movie Spiderman :

“With great power comes great responsibility !!”

I had a trainee with me who I was now about to promote to the rank of Third officer. I knew he was a smart kid, determined in his actions, quite credible.

I would at times trust him more than my existing officers.

So I asked him one day : “What do you think you will do differently once you become an officer?”



Understandably, he fumbled. Often it is not easy to guess what answer your senior is looking for. My question was more of a conversation starter than an interrogation. I wanteResponsibilityd to explain to him what is expected of him as he steps into the shoes of a Third Officer. If you are anywhere near a place where you are about to step into your new shoes in a new rank, or looking for a promotion(Congrats by the way !!! ), it might be useful to know what goes through the mind of your employer or your superior to be able to do justice to your job.

Its a give and take relationship you have with life, just as you have that with your employer. As a junior stepping up to your next rank, you could bring yourself to a frame of mind which will prevent you from setbacks and help you succeed every time.



Here are a few commandments to live by :


KNOW YOUR JOB – NO EXCUSES : This is not a time to learn your job, this is a time to perform. Even if you are doing it for the first time ever, being new to the rank you are, please do not give yourself any excuse for failure. I know I am sounding harsh right now, like a Corporate Bully. But that’s exactly how you must treat yourself. Do not set your standards any lower than a 100%. That does not however mean that you cannot accept setbacks. Reprimand yourself for anything which goes wrong on your watch and promise to yourself it wont happen next time. As adults we often work in an environment where our mistakes are seen only by us and corrected promptly. Do not take these lightly. If you start learning from your own mistakes every time you will soon be much better than others around you and stand out.


WORK SMART : Often it is assumed that being in a senior rank means more running around and you will have to work more. As I have stated on numerous occasions, working hard is over rated. I would happily employ someone who would get the job done in the shortest possible time, with equal efficiency, over someone who would spend hours to do it so diligently and push it to a point that it does not matter any more.


GO FOR THAT EXTRA MILE : When you enter a corporate sector, you get paid for what you do, while in your personal life the gratification of carrying out your responsibility comes in a more abstract and often more satisfying way. Either way, it always pays to put in a little extra effort. Your responsibility as  an employee might be fulfilled on successful completion of your part of the job, but your value shoots up immensely when you do that small extra bit. The gratification may come to you in terms of money or appreciation both of which must be accepted graciously. Your responsibility of being a father may be completed by being there for your kid when he needs you, but add that one extra mile in trying to make it for his football match, even when he did not expect it. The gratification may come from that spontaneous hug you earn from him, and a passive expression of love from his mother for doing that. Even the so called thankless jobs have their own ways to make it up to you.


BE CREDIBLE, ALWAYS : Do not try to escape your job by trying to be too smart. More often than not you will be caught in the act and then your entire credibility will simply vanish. It is not worth the effort, trust me. If there is one thing that is valued more than efficiency, it is trust. Lose trust and you will have a tough time regaining it.So if you are unsure of something, be courageous enough to confess that. Even the worst of Bosses will ultimately credit you with his trust.


DO NOT GIVE IN TO EXTERNAL PRESSURE : You will have different people to work withPressure of Promotion
, and different circumstances. Those are external factors. They are going to affect you. Know that, realise that. The keywords here are – “External factors” Do not let these factors disturb your internal peace. That said, learn to feel bad about something which you genuinely think you should have known or done, whether pointed out by someone or by yourself. This becomes an Internal pressure driving you towards excellence. That is the only way to improve on yourself. Compete with yourself, be better everyday, and keep your mind cool while doing so.



We all have responsibilities but as we grow those responsibilities grow with us, whether we want them or not. This is true also in your personal life. The rules above hold ground in both cases. Think about it.

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