Delegation: The Eight step path


As a continuation of it’s predecessor , here I shall explain the correct way of delegation of responsibility in your workplace. This is a very effective strategy which helps make your team effective and self sufficient.

Lets find a fool proof method of correct delegation, which will work under any circumstances. Follow these 8-steps.


Like any new rule or faith, have complete faith in them and then you will see results. This never works backwards!!!


Empowerment:  Let each person, each of your department heads run their departments autonomously. Let them carry out their own job responsibilities with pride and dignity. Empower them with decision making authority. Let them know that their ideas will be appreciated and teamworklistened to.


Support: Make sure there is absolutely nothing hindering their path of progress, make sure their juniors understand the spirit of the office – which is to contribute to the positive suggestions, but at the same time not defy orders. Ensure your Departments have full support from the top management.


Outline the Spirit: Explain to everyone the style of putting up a suggestion to your superior, which should not involve arrogance, and make it clear that while suggestions will be appreciated, the final decision remains with the respective person in charge. Authority is never to be compromised. Any insubordination will be dealt with very seriously. Delegation of responsibilities should be in the right spirit.


Set the tone: Empower your people in a positive way. Speak up in front of their juniors stating that insubordination will not be entertained and the final word must be respected.


You are the Boss: Call your department heads and explain to them the same concepts and also make it clear to them that when we are required to take quick decisions there should be a brief period when all ideas are pooled in and thereafter the final decision will be taken by you and it will not be refuted. Whether the decision is popular or not, when taken, it will be respected no matter what.  In other words, show them YOU ARE THE BOSS!!! Let them follow the same process of delegation in their respective departments.


Ensure the Overview is clear: This way you will create proud juniors. Juniors who will bear on their own shoulders the responsibility of taking your organization forward. They will feel empowered. But the concept has to be explained to them so that they understand what kind of a Boss they are dealing with.


Supervise: Everyone is not the same. No matter how much you motivate there will always be people who will fall out of the norm and start taking things too easily if they are given too much power and less supervision. To avoid surprises and stay confident that things are all going in the correct direction, you will need to supervise the progress of your juniors. When you find a fault, do not target the person for it, Target the system and think how the system can be improved. Often to improve the system attitudes have to be improved. Do that sternly, with an iron fist, so thatdelegation and empowerment everyone is aware that you still are in control even if you cannot seen very often.


Stand by their mistakes: This is the most important part of being a leader. The former president of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam mentioned in an Interview recently: In 1975, he was in charge of the SLV mission, one of the most ambitious missions in India at the time. However, the Satellite launch vehicle, due to their miscalculation, failed and drowned in the Bay of Bengal.


Mr Satish Dhawan , the then chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization stood by his side, faced the press and stated that though they failed this time, he had full faith in his team and will definitely succeed again. As their leader he took full responsibility of the failure and was ridiculed by the press for several months. The following Mission in 1980, also under Dr. Kalam was an astounding success.


This time Mr Dhawan let his team face the press conference without his presence and allowed them their full credit. What a beautiful lesson to be learnt – this is how a leader is supposed to be!!! Stand by your people, no matter what and never ever turn your back on them. Not only will they be prepared to die for you, you will feel true inside and your superiors will see you as a confident person who is ready to take responsibility and not blame it on others.


The Pareto Principle or 80–20 Rule states that 80% of the effort leads to only 20% of the success. Make sure you are spending your efforts on the right things. Your organization will rise up by leaps and bounds while you sit back and enjoy. In short:

Delegate, Empower and Supervise.

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