The journey begins!
I have just launched my first E-book on Amazon Kindle, through Amazon KDP. Wish me luck !!! 

It went live on 13th August 2016, as an Anniversary gift to my wife!

Laughter Paradigm

Having Fun and the Psychology behind

It is available on Amazon now!! To order or to read the excerpt, Click HERE.

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The book is now priced at 3.99 $, but I have decided to give away a copy for Free for my subscribers.

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That apart, it will be available for Free through the 5-Day promotion option in Amazon KDP, in which I am entitled to give away the book for any of the five days within the display period. I shall keep updating about the display period in this blog page.

The First Day of Promotion was 22nd August 2016, Monday! 15 Hours into this day, the book reached No.1 in two categories and No. 4326 Overall on Amazon Free books.

The next Free Promotion  will be on 17th and 18th September. Stay tuned.

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 About the E-Book

Gen Template

What started as a blog post ended up being a promotional E-book, which turned into a published book on Amazon.

I love to have fun and laughter is something I have always wanted to write about.

As a sailor, out in the middle of the ocean, with nothing around for thousands of miles, our life is one which only a few can comprehend. Stakes are too high, we are expected to perform every day and there is little or no room for error.

But you know what,

We do know how to laugh!!!!

The primary purpose of this e-Book is twofold, and you can choose between them!!

While it is studded with jokes and meant to give you a hearty laugh over a Sunday-cup of coffee, it also deals with the psychological and (at times psycho-illogical) nuances behind laughter and having fun.

Hello – Curiosity!!

Quick hack: To just laugh and have a great time without thinking much, just scroll through the book focusing on images and texts in violet fonts.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it.

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My next upcoming E-book

A bit too early to brag about, but I have a plan.

I have been writing a lot about the art and science of Negotiation and how to develop negotiation skills. There are some eight odd articles published on this subject on various websites including my own. The next Ebook I am planning to publish will be on Negotiation tricks and strategies.

It will be up soon on Amazon. Let’s keep fingers crossed 🙂