How to run an organization: Tip 3: Delegate


Delegation: The Correct style of how to delegate

In this blog I shall explain the correct way of delegation of responsibility in your workplace. I want to show you a workable way of delegation and empowerment which has been devised after years of research and makes your team so effective that optimum productivity continues even in your absence……


I trust the people who are working with me. I delegate.

                                                                                        Mario Draghi


When you are at the helm of an organization or even running a small office, it is a no brainier that you will need to delegate. You cannot do all the work yourself and most of the job will be done by your team. The success of your team will define the success you will enjoy.


But do all of us delegate properly? 

Well, There are several types of leaders and the styles which they use to delegate differ too. Lets consider two extremes:


        The TIGER Style of leadership: There are a few who want to keep things on a short leash. Usually it happens with leaders with stAngry Tiger style Bossrong personalities who are way too experienced and have a definite way of doing things. They are often high achievers and are brilliant in their performance and stay in touch with their jobs all the time. People under them often feel the pressure of performance but also, with the right attitude,
can learn a lot of things from them. They are extremely decisive and stand strong in the face of uncertainty, hence are invaluable in emergencies. There is one problem though, a system may be running for years in the same way, but that does not mean there cannot be improvements on it. With such leaders, because of their strong personalities, juniors are scared to suggest their inputs. As a result things keep running in the same way under them – exactly as they want!!

Hence there is delegation but fresh ideas are not spoken about. Its a grim place. People work as they are told to.


       The SNAIL Style of Leadership: There is also a different kind- the people pleaser. These are people who would let anyone try their styles and get a job done. Idea is not to spoil relationships, even if it is at the cost of productivity. People are free to pool in ideas and the job of the leader shrinks to merely a listener. Such leaders are often not very confident about taking decisions, and are often lost in an emergency. They feel good when surrounded by other people who would pool in their minds to take a joint decision. They feel confident during those times.

Hence you delegate abundantly but not efficiently. No one is at the helm. No one is steering the damn ship!!!!


What then can be the middle path?

How can you have people pool in their ideas and also be in control?


I work on a ship with 23 people.

I have worked in this environment for eighteen years now. Among us we manage the gigantic show.

If I work like the Tiger style tyrant dictator here, I will have my eighteen odd years of experience to back me up in my decisions. But what are the odds that in my eighteen years I have faced all kinds of situations? Ours is not a job where you can afford to make a single mistake,  like many other jobs out there. So what if I run into something tomorrow which I have never faced in life? People will be looking at me and I will have nothing to tell them, I will be lost in my decisions.

I have people working here who have been at sea for over thirty years. If I can combine the experiences they have and use it to our advantage, I can work with a combined experience base of two hundred years. What are the odds that I will be able to solve any problem when I have an experience of two hundred years. Pretty good!!! I truly believe the purpose of the leader is to achieve and this is a damn good way to do that!!


Well, now for the second part. There has to be a line. The chain of command, the hierarchy has to be clear and maintained. Pooling in of ideas cannot make the leader look weak. That style of  delegation does not work.


That’s when you address your guys and empower them.


What is the correct way to do that?

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