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Free Stuff

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Ebook 1. 30 Relationship One Liners to Live and Love by

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This E-book is written with a lot of passion.

Each One-liner is derived from my own personal experience through various phases of life.

Perhaps a book like this fifteen years back could have saved me some wrong decisions that I have taken. Read it.

2. Ebook3 : How to send a perfect email in Less than 2 Minutes

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Email cover

So many other people have this regular job of writing a whole lot of emails. For some it occupies the whole day while for others at least a big part of the day.  And often we are bogged down. Are you one of them?

Emails must not become the only job, isn’t it?

What if we devised a way to actually reduce the time to compose and send an email substantially, so that you are portrayed like an achiever while you also have free time for other activities?? 

Compose that perfect email in less than 2 minutes, and enjoy your free time. Use the tips outlined and use them with complete Perfect Emailfaith. Soon you will gain time and energy!!

After years of service at Sea, I think I have hit that sweet spot now!!!

Enter my Free E-book!!

How to send a perfect Email in less than 2 minutes

The way I see it – a job well done is one which is done efficiently, does not feel like a job, and is done in the blink of an eye. 

I get paid by the minute and hence if I can save time I also save money!!!


Stop working hard, work Smart.

These Free E-books are for takeaway. 

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