How to catch a liar

catch a liar

Okay, I know what you are thinking – How can I be an expert in this?! You need special training to catch a liar! I bet this kind of thing should come to you from an expert like an FBI agent or a criminal psychologist. […]

Killer Negotiator: Tap the right emotions


Who is not a negotiator? Who is not trying to grab a deal? Convincing your parents to take the car out, nailing an interview or snatching that million-dollar contract – negotiations are everywhere. We are all born salespersons! Being a sailor, I personally negotiate with […]

Why do we say No – The Rejection Theory

why do we say No?

The real reason behind a rejection Why do we say No? What is the actual reason for a rejection?  There are two things you need to know before we answer that question. One – ‘Logical decision.’ is a myth! The process of decision-making is more emotional […]

Convince people: The Franklin Effect

convince people

How often do you need to convince people? From grabbing a bargain from a second-hand car dealer to trying to convince your Boss on a salary raise, from getting your spouse to throw a party together to trying to get your son to do his […]

Killer Negotiator: Say less, listen more

Killer negotiator

We are well set out on our path of being that Killer negotiator who can snatch any deal from anyone! Different situations call for different actions, and it is the mark of a Master negotiator which method he uses. to snatch the bargain.  As I […]

Killer negotiator: The self-serving bias

A good negotiator wins the Deal for himself. A Killer negotiator creates a Win-Win for both parties! This is one of a series of posts on and this blog, targeted at the art of negotiation. Follow the links below for related posts. 1. Killer […]

The Fundamental use of Creativity

Use of creativity

The real use of creativity is one of the lesser known aspects of our psyche. I have been a crazy fan of the mind. It is fascinating to me that this tiny organ is capable of packing enough power to lift a person from dust […]

Independent Thoughts & their importance

Independent thoughts

Independent thoughts and their owners have always ruled the world. It really fascinates me how a single spec of a thought can change the course of history!! One single thought in Einstein’s prefrontal Cortex made humanity progress by leaps and bounds, and allowed us to dream of a future […]

Can you think out of the box?

out of the box

There are people who think out of the box, and then there are those who think in it. Which one are you? Few quick puzzles before we begin:- Turn the Roman Numeral Nine – IX into a 6 by using just one line. How can a […]

How to be Popular with Unpopular Decisions

Unpopular Decisions

Need to announce the next pay-cut? Have to tell everyone to work on weekends? Unpopular decisions coming up? Challenge of being a leader – you need to make unpopular decisions! I have come across several people out at sea, who pathetically fail to pull off […]

How to Recover from a Bad impression – 2

Bad Impression

Not everyone’s good or bad impression matter to us. This post is for those people whose bad impressions do matter.  In the first part of this blog, we have spoken about how a Bad impression is created between friends or colleagues. If you are like most people, […]

How to Recover from a Bad impression – 1

Bad Impresssion

A bad impression once created normally develops into a downward spiral which pulls you in, each time making it worse. They say it takes years to create an impression and it takes a minute to ruin it. That is how often personal or professional relationships end. We say – “I did […]

Instinctive thinking

Reflex action

Instinctive decisions: The jewels of our subconscious mind!! Every one knows that it is important to focus your attention on the problem at hand!! It is often believed that conscious attention and logical thoughts are the only ways we can decide correctly and have a balanced life. These […]

Quick Decisions and Instant Attention

Quick decisions and optimizing Brain performance

Everything that you have ever done or will ever do will start as a concept in your mind. From the formation of this concept, until efficient execution, often Impeccable Quick decisions are essential. With this post, I am now to delving into a deeper chapter of decision making in […]

Having fun:10 Myths against a good Laugh

This is a continuation of the earlier post in my blog, Laugh as you Achieve, which describes immense benefits of laughter in the workplace. Biggest Myths causing today’s Don’t-laugh work environments High achievers, with very few exceptions, know how to smile, laugh and have fun. […]

Having Fun: Laugh as you achieve

Having fun

Many people I know are in grave serious jobs.  Having fun? Out of question!!!! Having fun is counter-productive, isn’t it? A friend of mine told me this story over dinner, and we had a hearty laugh over it. Tell me if the situation sounds familiar […]

Team-Frustration & 12 Tips to control it

Frustration control - tipping point

The deadline is close!! Pressure is piling up!! Your heart is beating fast, there are more inputs than you can possibly handle!! Frustration is about to hit!! Not only you, your entire team is feeling that too. They don’t know which way to look. Sounds familiar?? Frustration […]

The Correct use of Anger: Part 2

Use of anger

  My earlier post focussed on one of the ways use of Anger can help you in your workplace, if you learn to control it. This is a different life-hack. In this post I wish to explain that if you know the correct use of anger even not controlling it […]

Upside to a Bad memory

Professional Success

If you think being able to remember everything is a corner stone to winning in life, I am here to prove you wrong!! There is a beautiful upside of having a really bad memory. Let me explain. Benefits of a bad memory I have a Bad memory. I […]

The Correct use of Anger: Part 1

Upside of Anger

I wish to break a rule here.  Anger can be very productive!! Let me tell you how!! Well, it’s not rocket science. Unless you run a barn, you have to push people at times and encourage people to do their jobs. That’s the part which […]