About the Captain

I was born to Command, just like you are !!!


I am sailing through the waves of South China Sea. Thick Dark Nimbus clouds on the starboard horizon gives me an indication of passing storm and rain showers.

Am I to avoid it or bring it on to me? Is it a risk or just another opportunity?

Water washed Ship

I decided to divert my ship.

Divert it into the stormy clouds!!!

Got drenched.

Now my ship is fresh, bright and green again!!

I am Captain D.

I have been at sea since I was eighteen. I have been through the ups and down of waves out in the ocean, and of life. Took me some time to learn that:

An opportunity almost always presents itself as a danger. Winners don’t just get lucky. They can see those opportunities.????????????????????????????????????

After several years of facing the fury of nature, I am presently in command of one of the Largest ships in the world, a Super tanker about twice the size of Titanic, which can carry 300 million litres of Crude oil and weighs a little over three hundred and fifty thousand tonnes. It is my job to drive this mammoth all around the world (Yes, I once did a voyage around the globe!!! It was EXCITING!!) and manage a floating city.

In case you are wondering, that green one up there really is my ship! 😉 

Born to Command

This profession has taught me some valuable lessons.

I do not wish to be polite. I know how to win!!!

My blogs are a way to share those lessons with you.

I have seen what a person driven by passion can achieve in life, how not accepting failure can lead you to the pinnacle of success and how achievers think!!

I wish to share that with everyone I possibly can. This is a lesson towards leadership, a discussion on management, a view on ideas of life, not only to manage big things but how to manage even then smallest things in life, to be satisfied and get yourselves rid of the all so common ‘Professional pressure’ , while also succeeding in making a beautiful world for yourself.

I will tell you how to use your anger, turn your failures around, and convert your lack of memory into your biggest assets and soar above all else.

People around us are worried all the time. 

I write about problems that people around us are fighting against everyday, personal or professional. Let me tell you what works. My job is to find a workable solution which will benefit you individually, no matter who you are, what you do and where you are from.

Talk to me. Leave your problems in the comments section, or subscribe to this blog. Let us see what we can do about them. Tell me what you did right, what made you win in life.  Let us all learn.South China Sea


I know I can show you things about you which you have not thought about yourself. I have, countless times.

Read my blogs and subscribe to it. Provide your honest feedback.


Command Life, and it will listen to you.

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  1. Hi Captain … really enjoyed your website. Would love to talk some more, connect on linkedin and do a skype chat? let me know when you are free.
    warm regards

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